Friday, January 7, 2011


Just to get you up to speed, my name is Darryl.  I'm an artist prone to activism...

I'm best known as an actor, but I also write stories and screenplays and I make music...

This blog is where you will find updates on all of my work.  My novel will be coming out some time after my first music video... and the album will be released later this year.  Check in here to stay updated on everything 'Darryl.'  This is your direct link into my world.  Stay classy, San Diego.  And thanks for stopping by...


  1. It can only go up from here. You have so many devoted fans out there who are behind you 100% (me included). We are anxiously awaiting new material from you, can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

    S/N: I really would like an autographed copy of the book, if I have to pay extra to get it, so be it.


  2. Excellent - Looking forward to checking in on the blog. Much Love.


  3. When I saw your "It Gets Better" video, I cried. I say to my son, almost daily, that he is brilliant and beautiful. I use those exact words.
    He has a hard time at school now and then, so I always remind him of how wonderful he truly is.

    I had him watch your video with me. A huge smile came to his face when he heard you talk about your mother's words of encouragement. He said, "Wow, his mom said that too?" I just smiled and hugged him.

    So, thanks for opening up and sharing with all of us.

    You rock!

  4. You are a Light. I am so very proud you use your light to shine on the good and the not so good,to make us aware. It's not always easy to share so much of yourself. Thank you for shining.

  5. Envious Moon Song...
    Not just because it has reunited my coffee critic’s corner and generated an entire long distance argument about whether your voice is smoky or raspy (I love it when we have our spats). He says it’s a wonderful description about a lost love. I think it’s more about the pain (which has its own life) and the feeling that this loss in particular took all the love away to never return.

    The mourning at the end of a profound relationship is so present it feels permanent. Not just because I’ve been in this space all year after losing my dad. Not just because of hope in the music that has a steady movement and we both agreed that the steady sound pushes you forward in the “life goes on” kind of way. But it’s awesome because the way you sang it was honest and sweet. And because it’s you:-)
    Rock on!

  6. First things first: You are "THE CHIZ" Its my way of saying your the (very best)! your so very talented, your ambitious, your intelligent, also passionate & show compassion.....your such a beautiful black man & Im not speaking about looks....even though you got that in the bag as well! Thank you so much for your video: It Gets Better..............POWERFUL!!!!!! xoxo a friend from afar

  7. All I can say is WOW. You are truly a beautiful soul wrapped in a beautiful wrapper.

  8. wow.. just waiting for more - thats amazing for your first single - is there a whole album??! ... please?!

  9. ok ok ok...very intrigued to hear what the final mix will sound like on this track!! FEELIN it already!

  10. WOW. You are really beautiful and good in music, you are talented I like that