Sunday, January 30, 2011


So picture me, standing in between B.Scott and Rockmond Dunbar, singing along to this...

(And B.Scott knew the words too.)

There's only one man I know who would bring that cross section of black glitterati into the bowels of Silver Lake (parking at Satellite/formerly Spaceland is ABYSMAL!) and have us all bobbing our heads to a sound so unique.  (Well, Rockmond may have yawned once or twice, but I'm sure it was just past his bed time.)

Patrik-Ian Polk, creator of Noah's Arc, has been touring with Fol Chen on and off for about a year.  I saw them play twice in Echo Park last fall and really fell in love with the band's energy.  The front man, Samuel Bing, thrashes around behind his hair, strumming his little guitar like Saturday morning cartoons are blaring and he's on a major sugar high.  Bass player, The Booksman, pulls out a trumpet for certain songs (who does that?) and Gmo the drummer bangs like he's on fire and trying to douse himself with sweat for the entire set.

The two shows I saw at the Echo, Patrik was standing at the edge of the stage, waiting to sing his songs.  He's got a surprisingly beautiful singing voice--I was there to hear Dax Shepard tell him so in person.  But at the show last night, he was center stage, rocking out the entire set.  Touring has nurtured the performer in Patrik, as he has seriously transformed into an impressive stage presence.  B.Scott and I kept remarking on this little clap dance he would do when he wasn't singing.  It's so bizarre and specific, it's already a signature move.  I can see myself imitating it when I blast Part II: The New December.   I think it was genius to pull him out of the corner and stand him right next to Samuel.  Patrik is six and a half feet at least and Samuel (I keep thinking his name is Adam) is something like five foot, four inches.  The image totally compliments the band's otherworldly sound.

Samuel (Adam?) told me last night was their last show for a while, so I'm glad I got to see them.  But more than anything, I was really inspired by Patrik's transformation.  I shot the video for my first single a few weeks ago and I found it surprisingly challenging to really embrace my inner rock star with people watching me.  I think we all probably dance around our bedrooms and lip sync while sitting in traffic.  But doing it for real IN FRONT OF PEOPLE is harder than I thought it would be.  Seeing Fol Chen last night reminded me that it's okay to shine with the lights on.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Award Tour...

I watched the Golden Globes last night and I was a little ashamed of how me and my friends get so judgmental during award shows.   We all become major fashion/hair/makeup critics, sitting on the couch, sucking our teeth in our T-shirts, talking shit about every single person who passes in front of a camera.

"The sleeves on that dress are hideous. What is that, a table cloth?"

"Her makeup looks like it's trying to get away from her face."

"He got old."

For YEARS, I refused to get too dressed up for award shows/gala events, figuring that if I was casual enough, people would think I was arty and too cool to care.  The truth was that I couldn't afford a nice suit.   And... quiet as it's kept, I still can't.   HA!

Anyway, I came across some old red carpet/award photos and I figured I'd share...  I'm posting these so you can see how glamorous I am NOT (Noah fans often expect a fashion extravaganza from Darryl and are sorely disappointed) and to remind myself that I have a long way to go before I make it on to anybody's Best Dressed list, so I should probably shut up until Gucci and Hugo Boss start sending me free shit.

(If you are Hugo Boss or Gucci and you have free shit, call me.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I heart Stephanie Vovas

I've had the pleasure of working with many talented photographers. One of them is my friend Stephanie Vovas. I got to see Stephanie out with friends last weekend and I was reminded of this shoot we did a while back. My ace homeboy Stephen Bowman did the makeup and our friend Aviva did the hair. These are all OUTTAKES from the shoot, courtesy of Stephanie herself. (I even included one with HAIR so you can see the direction the shoot ended up taking...) The lovely lady with the long legs is a model named Algo.

Stephanie is doing big things and her work is going to be all over the place very soon. Watch out for her.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Cousin, Cameron Boyce

My little cousin Cameron is BLOWING UP! He's been in big budget features like EAGLE EYE, MIRRORS, GROWN UPS... and something called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Check him out...

He hasn't hit puberty yet (although last time I saw him, he had long hair and was clearly aware of how cool he was) but he is already showing up his older cousin. I guess fierce runs in the family, huh?

Congrats to Cameron and his ridiculously proud parents and grandparents. And hey to Maya too!

Happy Birthday Rahsaan Patterson!

"Where You Are" was the first song of Rahsaan's that I ever heard...

Rahsaan's new album BLEUPHORIA will be in stores this spring. The first single, "Easier Said Than Done," is available now on iTunes.

Little insider info... I co-wrote a song on the record called "Crazy" that he and I have already labeled 'the club banger.' Look out for it in April.


Happy Birthday Rah! We're not even going to talk about all the ones and elevens going on today... :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hot off the press!

Just got off the phone with my team. I booked a short film called STRONGER. It's a gay role (surprise surprise), but I honestly didn't imagine I would get the job. I am set to play a soap opera a modern twist on a Strindberg play.

I'm going to go ahead and just tell you it's about ten pages of me talking non-stop and I'm sort of terrified... But it will be interesting to see how it turns out! I shoot later this month.

See? This blog just became TOTALLY RELEVANT. (I wouldn't post something like this on FB or twitter...)

ENVIOUS MOON Video Stills. (photos by LAMI Group)

Logan Alexander and Ashford Thomas pulled together an entire crew to shoot the video for my debut single, Envious Moon.  HUGE thanks to Logan, Ashford, Stephen Bowman (make-up), Bynoskia Sams (wardrobe), Rrivre Works (locations), Hari Williams (lights), Lasalle Barnes (camera), Veleeta DaCosta (whip-cracking), Rhonda Bean (lady-beat), Felice Logan (transpo), Anastacia Rose McPherson (stunning beauty), Jose Mata (sexy), S.A. Galbreath (stunts), Janet and Lauren Dotson (crafty), Maile Fernandez (love), MDoc Williams (sounds), Mitchell and Raymond Miller, Leslie Andrews, Masseray Bangura, Deanna, Philip Ray and Matt and all the beautiful people who stopped by to offer support over the three days of hard work.  The video will debut HERE SOON!
(And a special shout out to Rory Arnold for insisting I start this blog. It's long overdue!)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Just to get you up to speed, my name is Darryl.  I'm an artist prone to activism...

I'm best known as an actor, but I also write stories and screenplays and I make music...

This blog is where you will find updates on all of my work.  My novel will be coming out some time after my first music video... and the album will be released later this year.  Check in here to stay updated on everything 'Darryl.'  This is your direct link into my world.  Stay classy, San Diego.  And thanks for stopping by...