Monday, January 17, 2011

Award Tour...

I watched the Golden Globes last night and I was a little ashamed of how me and my friends get so judgmental during award shows.   We all become major fashion/hair/makeup critics, sitting on the couch, sucking our teeth in our T-shirts, talking shit about every single person who passes in front of a camera.

"The sleeves on that dress are hideous. What is that, a table cloth?"

"Her makeup looks like it's trying to get away from her face."

"He got old."

For YEARS, I refused to get too dressed up for award shows/gala events, figuring that if I was casual enough, people would think I was arty and too cool to care.  The truth was that I couldn't afford a nice suit.   And... quiet as it's kept, I still can't.   HA!

Anyway, I came across some old red carpet/award photos and I figured I'd share...  I'm posting these so you can see how glamorous I am NOT (Noah fans often expect a fashion extravaganza from Darryl and are sorely disappointed) and to remind myself that I have a long way to go before I make it on to anybody's Best Dressed list, so I should probably shut up until Gucci and Hugo Boss start sending me free shit.

(If you are Hugo Boss or Gucci and you have free shit, call me.)


  1. Hey Darryl ;)! I am a major Noah fan but I am also a major Darryl fan and I don't give a damn what you are wearing because I know you are going to be presentable. I just appreciate you being YOU!!!! Much Love Darryl! ;)

    Peace and Blessings,

  2. Hi Darryl,this is one reason i am a fan your honesty, humbleness and realness. It dosen't matter what you have on t-shirt, suit or just your underwear you still look gooooodddd! Like the way you are soliciting yourself for a free suit. Love Ya,Katrina J.

  3. I like the character of Noah, but it's Darryl Stephens the man that I'm a fan of, and who cares about the fancy clothes, you have a gift, and all that material stuff will come later. Be true to you and the rest will come in time. I will always be here to support whatever you do.

    S/N: You have a great team of people behind you, and a group of fans that love you.

  4. Who needs clothes?.....Darryl u would look good in just a bed sheet, Hello somebody! yes the clothes r just around the corner. You just keep, keepin it real to....Darryl yes we love all that you do.

  5. D,I am loving this site! Kudos to you and to making your dreams a reality! SO proud of you!


  6. Gucci and Hugo Boss free stuff just around the corner, babe.

  7. Being you is enough. Your outside appearance is always awesome, but you're beautiful inside so the outside doesn't really matter. Much Love.

  8. If that's all you really wanted was some Gucci or Boss stuff.....Just to see you smile as a designer, I will supply you all day long....You are such a fashion icon already and don't even know it!! Continue to be you and when you need a suit send a message and I will make sure its done!!