Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Rahsaan Patterson!

"Where You Are" was the first song of Rahsaan's that I ever heard...

Rahsaan's new album BLEUPHORIA will be in stores this spring. The first single, "Easier Said Than Done," is available now on iTunes.

Little insider info... I co-wrote a song on the record called "Crazy" that he and I have already labeled 'the club banger.' Look out for it in April.


Happy Birthday Rah! We're not even going to talk about all the ones and elevens going on today... :)


  1. He re-recorded this. I played the video from the first version, and I like them both. I like the up tempo version for dancing, and the mellow version to just chill to.

    I was listening to XM radio today, and I heard a song of his being played...didn't think to press the button that going to show the name of the song, but I got on twitter and asked my girls if they had any ideas, and on of them gave me a name of a song Called "Feels Good," but it wasn't it, but I downloaded it anyway, but I found my song "It's Alright Now."

    I've heard of him, I remember him doing an interview on the Michael Baisden radio show on the way from work a while ago, and it was like I never heard his name again. The music waves were being dominated by musiqsoulchild, and Raheem DeVaughan, Anthony Hamilton, and I love all of them, but I found a new gem in Rahsaan.

  2. I heard "Easier Said Than Done," this evening on the radio, and if this song is a preview of the CD, well it's as good as bought.