Sunday, January 30, 2011


So picture me, standing in between B.Scott and Rockmond Dunbar, singing along to this...

(And B.Scott knew the words too.)

There's only one man I know who would bring that cross section of black glitterati into the bowels of Silver Lake (parking at Satellite/formerly Spaceland is ABYSMAL!) and have us all bobbing our heads to a sound so unique.  (Well, Rockmond may have yawned once or twice, but I'm sure it was just past his bed time.)

Patrik-Ian Polk, creator of Noah's Arc, has been touring with Fol Chen on and off for about a year.  I saw them play twice in Echo Park last fall and really fell in love with the band's energy.  The front man, Samuel Bing, thrashes around behind his hair, strumming his little guitar like Saturday morning cartoons are blaring and he's on a major sugar high.  Bass player, The Booksman, pulls out a trumpet for certain songs (who does that?) and Gmo the drummer bangs like he's on fire and trying to douse himself with sweat for the entire set.

The two shows I saw at the Echo, Patrik was standing at the edge of the stage, waiting to sing his songs.  He's got a surprisingly beautiful singing voice--I was there to hear Dax Shepard tell him so in person.  But at the show last night, he was center stage, rocking out the entire set.  Touring has nurtured the performer in Patrik, as he has seriously transformed into an impressive stage presence.  B.Scott and I kept remarking on this little clap dance he would do when he wasn't singing.  It's so bizarre and specific, it's already a signature move.  I can see myself imitating it when I blast Part II: The New December.   I think it was genius to pull him out of the corner and stand him right next to Samuel.  Patrik is six and a half feet at least and Samuel (I keep thinking his name is Adam) is something like five foot, four inches.  The image totally compliments the band's otherworldly sound.

Samuel (Adam?) told me last night was their last show for a while, so I'm glad I got to see them.  But more than anything, I was really inspired by Patrik's transformation.  I shot the video for my first single a few weeks ago and I found it surprisingly challenging to really embrace my inner rock star with people watching me.  I think we all probably dance around our bedrooms and lip sync while sitting in traffic.  But doing it for real IN FRONT OF PEOPLE is harder than I thought it would be.  Seeing Fol Chen last night reminded me that it's okay to shine with the lights on.


  1. Wow,Patrik-Ian Polk shining on last night doesn't surprise me great talent can only linger on the side for so long. I can just visualize you and BScott moving to the music you couldn't help but move the song has a nice beat. The radiance within you will come through that you will shine with the lights on in front of millions of people. Can't wait to see the video I know you came hard.

  2. Darryl - so well said! Love Fol Chen. I saw them again in Chicago a few weeks ago, and the energy and sound was remarkable. I think for me it's a rush, because of the eclectic sound and magical voice of Patrik! Love it, love it. Can't say it enough. Kudos.

  3. Correction: Trumpeter's name is Alex.

  4. I too noticed a change in Patrik from the first time I saw him in LA and the second time in Louisville. He seemed much more comfortable on stage and oozed happiness the second time. It's a joy to watch this band. The amazing drum beats and Patrik's smooth vocals are very sexy. I can't wait to see them perform again. Oh, and C/U is one of my favorite songs.

    P.S. as someone who's heard you singing in traffic, I'm sure your inner rockstar is going to blow us all away! ;-)