Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Someone asked me to post the lyrics to THICKNESS, so here you go. You may be surprised to learn that 'the thickness' isn't necessarily referring to what you think it is... or is it?


Masochistic reminiscing
My ears ring with things you said
Lips fixed to revisit kissing
Just need someone to knock you out my head
Bind my senses to the bedpost
Gag me with the taste of you
Run for days and still be too close
Drug I stay addicted to

But you would never fall apart for me
So I don’t know why letting go’s so hard for me

Blame it on the thickness
That kept me ‘round
Cuz you fucked me up and spit me out
Stuck in love and sick of it
Let you get me down
Need to get you out my head somehow

Drowning in your tea cup ocean
Deafening silence, loud and shrill
A fool to entertain the notion
Hard pressing you against my will
Agonizing revelation
All is coming clear to me
Through your sweet manipulation
Love I swallow bitterly

How the hell did I get be so dense*
That loving you makes any fucking sense?

Could it really be the thickness...
I'm gettin' so sick of this...

* thick = dense = stupid