Friday, August 12, 2011

Envious Moon Lyrics

The lyrics were posted on The Darryl Stephens facebook page around the time the song was released... but here they are for anyone who missed them. Glad you guys are liking the remix. Thank you!

By the way, click on the DOWN arrow on the link to the remix (far right) to download...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The song was remixed for the video release party in March.  Logan Alexander and MDoc Williams got together about a week before the party and cranked this out. For some reason, with all the commotion around the party, we never got around to mastering the track, so we never released it.  As it turns out, the track ended up on a mix CD that my friend Camilo got a hold of and he keeps telling me how he's been playing the track non-stop.  So... I decided I'd share it with you guys too.

Enjoy... 01 Envious Moon (Indasoul Remix Produced by Marc 'MDoc' Williams and Logan Alexander) by DarrylStephens

Monday, August 8, 2011

Andrew for the Second Edition...?

As some of you know, I'm about to release SHORTCOMINGS for wide distribution via and book stores. I've been re-reading the book and getting feedback from a few people who have read the book in its previous incarnations. I'm considering replacing Andrew's back story... It would be PART FOUR and we would pick up with Danny and Colin in PART FIVE. I love the story and people have responded really well to it, but I'm not sure if, in the context of the rest of the book, it just comes off as distracting. Andrew is a supporting character and while his back story does give some insight into how he ended up at Androfiles, I'm not sure if it would come off as superfluous.  

Obviously, this is something I have to decide on my own. If I had a proper editor, I would consult them. But I'm just wondering if you guys have any thoughts on the subject...  Chime in.