Sunday, September 16, 2012


With B. Slade half way through his brilliant month-long residency at Witzend in Venice, California and Frank Ocean SLAYING the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, I feel like we're in the midst of a queer black renaissance. Doug Spearman is making a gay action movie. Jonte is schooling America's Next Top Model. There's a drag queen giraffe on that new gay NBC show. Even me and my queer black behind will be terrorizing your TV this fall. We are EVERYWHERE...

What do you guys think of the visuals for Frank's Pyramids? I was secretly hoping the first half of the song would have remained intact because I love the transition from ghetto-funk to sexy-electro... But I think this video is AMAZING.


  1. The video was great but like you, I was looking forward to the transition. In fact, I was hoping he'd do two videos or at least an extended version. The song is so hot that it lends itself to something more. The absinthe and its hallucinatory effects would have worked extremely well with the first part of the song. Can't you see it...Queen Cleopatra with a sick afro and cheetahs? Hot!