Monday, April 16, 2012


DTLA: Downtown Los Angeles.
Also, the name of my new show. I play Lenny. Lawyer. Boyfriend. Control-freak.

We've shot six episodes (which may become eight) and we are currently in the midst of post-production and reshoots. Yesterday, we had our big season one photo shoot. It was so exciting to have everyone there together, from Tiffany "I Love New York" Pollard to Danny "Real World" Roberts to Luenell to Matthew Stephen Herrick. (We were missing B. Scott, Leslie Jordon and a few other guest stars, but they'll be stealing the show soon enough.)

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The show launches in Canada on OutTV (as well as some European networks) in July and once things are final with our domestic distributor, US audiences will get to see the show this fall.

I'm excited for you all to see what I've been WORKING MY ASS OFF doing for the last few months. As my friend Wilson says, "This show is many things. Many things."


  1. I am so proud of you Darryl!! I am really looking forward to this show and I know it's going to be great! I thought I was headed to Canada to see the show, but thankfully it will be in the U.S.! You know I will travel the hot desert sands to show my support for you. LOL

    CONGRATULATIONS on the success and looking forward to watching you to continue to spread your wings!

    Peace, Blessings and Love,

  2. Congratulations! I wish see more work of you!


  3. If anyone deserves this and more it is you. I can't wait to see the show and purchase the 1st season.......Congratulations!!!

  4. Can't wait for it to reach the US .... have made a note on my Calender to make sure I don't miss it! Congrats!!

  5. i heard you were amazing in this show! I have a friend who has seen some of it. it's going to huge for you Darryl!

  6. I cannot wait to see the show! Congrats! I'm oh so proud of you!