Wednesday, September 14, 2011

B.Slade's START

B.Slade's new video is kind of amazing, isn't it?  The power of the TRUTH...


  1. I knew this guy looked familiar. Btw, great song, great message. Thank u for it! yes, I remember him, he was once a christian artist by the name of Tonex or tone...something like that. I even saw him LIVE at a gospel concert, in Miami. His voice/range is out of this world and his style is fearless! I always wondered what happened to him. wow! The message of the song makes sense now. awesome!

    Thanks for the re-introduction!

  2. Wait a minute... isn't that Tonex?! I wondered where he went... so many people were giving him a lot of criticism for coming out... I love his musical genius.

  3. Sitting here collecting my thoughts because I really don't know what I want to say but I know how I feel and this video, the song, the lyrics speak directly to my heart, my soul to me. I'm at a moment in my life when I'm being honest with me by admitting that I may very well be cheating/blocking my own blessing by being in the wrong places, surrounded by all the wrong people and settling for less than what's greater good for me. If you only knew....I'm no longer afraid to be me. It's my turn now and I'm excited!

    Mr. B.SLADE, You are light years ahead of so many in the music industry. And you tweet some deep thought provoking, I just want to reach out to hug you truths. You're clearly on another level. I Like!