Friday, February 25, 2011

Testing, testing...

So we (me and Logan and Rory and a couple of others) have been deliberating over what songs will be recorded, mixed and mastered for the album... I've produced about thirty and we're looking to use about fifteen. We're kind of on the fence about this one. The beat is hot, but the hook isn't super catchy. What do you guys think?

Ain't Worth It (Demo) by DarrylStephens


  1. You are definitely right, the Beat is hot. I'm with you guys, I'm on the fence. Has great potential had to listen to it a few times because it didn't hold my attention. It would be the song on the CD where if I'm listening to the entire CD I might listen to it for a few minutes because the beat grabs you, and then forward to the next song. I've worked with singers before and the feel is when they are learning different parts and just kinda chilling but not really paying attention but know when to come in on their part. Or actors, when just running through "speed lines" just to make sure they know the lines, but not really putting any feeling behind it. Like you said, on the fence. Much Much Love.

  2. The beat is unbelievablly HOTT!! You can't help but bob your head to that beat, it has a underlying tribal beat to it. I listened to it several times with my headphones and I love the smokiness of your voice, just so velvety!! At around 4:27-4:56 sounds like the song was dragging too much, sorta like a misfit and so did 5:16-5:22. Sounded out of place to me but maybe that's how you all wanted it to sound. The more I listened to the song in my ears I found myself singing the hook, but the beat is what kept me!Just my 2 cents:)! Would I buy it, hell yeah because I'm a RIDE or DIE DarrylsAngels ;)

    Peace and Blessings
    LaTonya R.

  3. Im loving the beat and ur voice is real hot but I wasnt able to hear the words because it kept messing up half way through. So when I get home I will check it out on my labtop. But from what little bit I heared I really enjoyed. I can see me bumpin this in my car. The beat is FIRE! lol. Look at u doin it! Now thats the tee! Love it boo. "you go boy" Ms.DarrylsAngels!

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  5. The input you’re going to reserve is of course coming from various age groups so everyone’s vision of the song is going to be different.

    I asked my 22 year old son (CJ) to listen to this and here is what he had to say: “The song has a good beat but its plain/basic, if Mr. Stephens is looking to take it to the next level, he should consider adding strings and keys in the background. He also has a good voice with potential to move into various genres”. - Cameron

    The beat is sick definitely and a head bobber but maybe the beat should be dragged out just a little more near the end instead of the song just fading away. May I ask a question: What type of album are you going for? Would you be open to a mixture of A & B side songs with possible interlude at the beginning or the end of select songs? If so, this may be one of those songs where as I stated you either drag the beat out or change the ending to a fade to voice with you continuing to whisper the hook “cause you ain’t worth it, you ain’t worth it, no you ain’t worth it” repeating as the song fades. OR you somehow incorporate brief interlude related to dating people who are full of themselves but truthfully “ain’t worth it”. I personally didn’t hear where the song skipped or lost its way. The hook is very catchy; we’ve all uttered those words to someone somewhere in life.

    This song deserves a video….something similar to what you did for but it would be dark all around you with focus on your face (eyes and lips) with the colors of sound either vibrating or jumping in and out of the frame or even better you in a club at the bar, observing various subjects with a smirk on your face every time you sing the hook.

    D, it’s great to know that you’re working diligently at accomplishing your goals and thanks for asking for input from the fans. Darryl Stephens you got this.


  6. I love the beat, it's one that you could easily dance to. I do agree with you on the point that the hook needs a little work though. I love "Surprise," so I'm hoping that make the cut for the cd.

  7. Smoking hot beat, it goes well with the sultriness of your voice. I kind of got tripped up following the words and the beat. This will definitely be a great dance track. I think it may do well as a single but on the I would release it as a single on itunes. I am looking forward to hearing the 15 song you do include on your cd. Love to you.

  8. Hey Sweety,

    Im going to be foreal on this hunti,the beat is what made me want to listen to the song even more,the beat is ON FIRE!!!and also you have a really great special voice,over all the song was GREAT! but i just wish that in the song you could have had a big moment to where you could have changed up your voice to make it die for and to be honest i would buy the song myself!!! i loved it sweety,
    just keep on creating and trying new things

    Peace and love
    Courtney Reed (LaTonya R's little sister) lol

  9. I have listen to this song yesterday and here I am again today(over&over). The beat is Great and the Hook is catchy /lyrics are awesome. For we have all met someone/with someone that in the beginning all was well but than little by little red flag start appearing. Then you realize he "AIN"T WORTH IT" of you or your time,love,and move on. I would have this on repeat a theme song with an attitude/meaning. A video yes but telling a story of someone in a relationship seeing the red flags ignoring them than one day walking away. I would put it on the album. I'll just wait to see what you'll decide.
    Thank you for considering our input. Much success in your endeavors.


  10. I agree with you about the beat it’s very intoxicating. It’s definitively a head bobber and a hip swayer. Your voice over the music is very smooth. However, I love the lyrics and the hook, but around 4:27 – 4:56 the song does seems to drag and that’s where a person might just forward to the next song. Thanks for allowing your fans to share their comments. I have faith in you Sunshine that you will produce what you do and that’s the “Best”. Much Love DarrylsAngels! *Reese*

  11. The song is hot! Your vocals are soothing...I love your voice. For me, the only thing I would change is a more intense bass, and there would be a point in the song where just the bass takes over to bring it to a smoking climax. Just my view. Great work D!


  12. I personally Love the beat but this song seems more like some thing that would be better as background to some action that is going on in a movie or a show. I feel it is more like a score than something you just sit and listen to. Your voice is great but hushed & the words are too hard to follow and I understand that it has yet to be mastered but I don't see it as a single. Just my thoughts.

    Wishing you Crazy success!!



  13. OK! the beat is really HOTTT but the music isn't holding my attention per se, so I don't know...maybe I need to listen to it a couple more times before I can come up with a definite answer///
    But anyways, all the best and can't wait to hear the album once it's out.

    PS: Glad you are feeling better,

    lotsa luv <3 hearts <3 Fiona

  14. Like everyone said, the beat is sick. But I'm with Vanessa...I hope "Surprise" makes it on your album. Loved it when I heard it on myspace.

  15. Hey Darryl, I didn't know you back in the "My Space" days, but this is the second time I've heard someone comment about "Surprise". Would it be possible for you to post that song?

  16. Testing, testing... A+!
    My test consists of lip syncing it in the bathroom mirror, feeling cute and getting ready for work. Yup, that's right, the bathroom video test. I was workin' it!!
    That song is the shit!


  17. Ok, I am late as usual. I love the beat, if I wasn't at work right now I'd be dancing, so I'm rocking in my chair. Ha! I've listened to it over and over, I love the lyrics. I think around 4:27 is where it may seem a bit off. I had to keep playing it at that part. Maybe...just have the music playing during 4:27 and 4:57, no lyrics and then come back in with a riff "cuz you're not worth it." the same way you ended, "stilll" at 5:22. loved that riff. You may have to add a word like Yeah or Oh to bring it back in. Just a thought. :)

  18. I do love the beat but the song feels a tad TOO disjointed... one of those songs u can only KINDA sing along to... maybe retool it a tad and put it on the second album cuz we all kno u have alot more to give us....

  19. michguy2000 @ twitterMarch 23, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    Hey Darryl.
    Cool track.
    What do you think about adding some strings (or high synthesizer, but strings would sound better) behind the vocals around the 1:51 mark?
    . Maybe in harmony with your vocals?

  20. Needs a serious bass hook. The idea about the strings is interesting, but you definitely need bass to carry the listener from one phrase to the next.

  21. Something about this beat reminds me of Nasty Girls by Vanity 6. Maybe a even Prince song. Can't quite put my finger on it. Couldn't listen to the whole thing as I'm at work, but I'll check it out again later on. From what I COULD tell, the beat has "club hit" written all over it. And the melody sounded sexy in a hot, sweaty, grinding kind of way. Not sure about the lyrics because I couldn't really listen as loud as I would have liked.

  22. This song has a great beat but needs new lyrics. Nothing is catchy about them. Take away the beat and the song is crappy. This song doesn't make the cut. Love the rest of your music though! :)